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Elevate Your Autumn Style with Carl Dagg Umbrellas

Autumn brings with it a natural shift – a change in colors, a shift in temperature, and sometimes, a gentle rain. Amidst the beauty of the season, our umbrellas offer more than just protection from raindrops; they complement your style and become an integral part of your fall look.


We've always believed that accessories aren't just add-ons, but expressions of your unique self. This belief is woven into the fabric of our umbrellas. Meticulously designed with classic elegance and Scandinavian design principles, they stand the test of time. From the tactile sensation of the textile to the satisfying sound of the umbrella unfurling, every detail is carefully curated.

As leaves fall and streets transform, from the bustling boulevards of Stockholm to the charming corners of London and the cozy lanes of Seattle, a Carl Dagg umbrella becomes your reliable companion in style. The rustic cotton blend canopy, the solid walnut hardwood handle, and the premium leather accents offer not only shelter from the rain but an accessory that ages gracefully alongside your evolving style.


Autumn invites change, and your wardrobe evolves accordingly. Our hope is that the Carl Dagg umbrella seamlessly fits into your ensemble, reflecting your readiness to embrace change while maintaining your unique flair. Take a moment to open your umbrella, let the raindrops provide a soothing melody, and embrace the beauty of this transitional season.

In a fast-paced world, our umbrellas serve as a reminder that even when it rains, you can navigate with elegance and grace. Carrying a Carl Dagg umbrella isn't just about function; it's a testament to your style, resilience, and willingness to embrace all the facets of life's journey while keeping your autumn fashion game strong.

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