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With a fair number of downpours in our capital Stockholm - we believe an umbrella isn't only a shelter from the rain - it's also a fashion item. In fact we think it's equally important as any coat, watch, handbag or pair of shoes. A damp day in the city you’ll need an umbrella that suits your attire but also adds to your style. Anywhere in the world.


One of the founders of Carl Dagg, previously working in a bank, was in need of an umbrella on a particularly rainy day. He wanted a sturdy canopy in a timeless design suitable for professionals. One that not only kept the rain away but also sheltered his business apparel and added to his outfit. But to his disappointment – no umbrella like that was to be found. Neither in or around the city centre. No matter how hard he looked. That’s when the idea of Carl Dagg was first thought of.


Co-founders Carl and Carl eventually found the last remaining Nordic umbrella factory up in Dalarna in northern Sweden. They started designing the umbrellas they themselves wanted and needed. And the production of classic handcrafted umbrellas began.


High quality umbrellas

Scandinavian design  

We offer classic handcrafted umbrellas in high quality that will not only keep you dry but more so, enhance your look as a carefully chosen accessory can do.

Our umbrellas are all about classic elegance combined with a distinct Scandinavian design heritage. Purity and simplicity are the two design constants making our umbrellas timeless and never “out of style”.

Classic Scandinavian design

Quality craftsmanship 

We care about all the details. The textile, the sound of opening the umbrella, the elegant wood in the handle and the shaft. We’ve chosen material and a design that will age beautifully.Thanks to a rustic cotton blend, solid walnut hardwood, premium leather and exklusive metal details - you’re guaranteed both shelter and sophistication when it rains.


Whether you live in Stockholm, London, Seattle or any other rainy city - chances are you are going to have to face plenty of gloomy skies and damp days. From drizzling dreariness to torrential downpours. 

It’s time to regard handcrafted umbrellas as the piece of design it can really be, because a classic and reliable canopy is the essential item in any wardrobe – for all rainy days. A Carl Dagg umbrella will protect your style and make you look ready for any weather.


High quality craftsmanship



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Here is our story. Enjoy.

About Carl Dagg from BRF on Vimeo.

 Wooden handle umbrellas, built to last for years